About BICS

BICS – Business & International Communication School
The School was founded by Ana Cecília Ribas de Aguiar in 1989 with the purpose of offering customized language courses, adapted to the reality and needs of executives and professionals seeking a differentiated learning experience under a flexible agenda.

In the 30 years since its inception, BICS has rendered services to domestic and multinational companies, law firms and to professionals in a wide variety of business sectors. Through teaching and learning from this experience, it has become specialized in the needs of the corporate market and is perceived today as a Human Resources partner-company, in that it assists HR in the development of executives and high-potential professionals in fluent communication of foreign languages in any business situation.

With this know-how, BICS has achieved its matur and offers customized solutions such as Language Consulting and Training Services focused on Business Communication, in addition to Workshops for the development of professional competences.

The languages taught are: English, Spanish and Portuguese for foreigners.



With over 30 years experience teaching English, Spanish and Portuguese for Foreigners, BICSCHOOL offer tailor made courses- one too ne or smal closed groups ( 3 to 5 students).

Learning a new Language is like having a golden key in your pocket- you may open doors and create new and unthinkable opportunities in your life.

-one to one classes or closed mini groups

-Tailor made courses

-Classes at BICSCHOOL or in-company.

-Flexible schedules

-Feedback sessions

-Teachers with corporate and overseas experience , qualified and holding major international certificates .


    Português é uma língua difícil, cheia de acentos e tempos verbais complicados! Mas também é uma língua alegre, muito legal e falada no principal sócio comercial da Argentina, o que representa também uma grande oportunidade de trabalho para todos nós. Espanhol e português são línguas que estão perto um da outra o que representa uma ajuda quando uma pessoa latina começa estudar português, pois rapidamente a pessoa consegue um nível aceitável para se comunicar.

    Iñaki Iriarte

    When I am living in another country it is fundamental do me to be able to interact with the local community. Being able to speak Portuguese

    Has allowed me to really start understanding the culture, talk to our clients and seize all the opportunities available to make the most of my experience here in Brazil.

    I´ve been here in Sao Paulo for two years now and can honestly say that I love Brazil! The extraordinary warmth of the people, the extreme beauty of the varied landscapes and of course the tropical weather make me want to live here forever!

    Laura Johnson, England